1898 “For Cuba and Liberty” Commemorative Medal – Spanish-American War Uncle Sam


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This striking bronze medal, dated 1898, is a commemorative piece symbolizing the United States’ involvement in the Spanish-American War, specifically highlighting the cause of Cuban independence. The obverse of the medal prominently features the inscription “For Cuba and Liberty,” encapsulating the American sentiment towards Cuba’s struggle against Spanish colonial rule during this period. Additionally, an allegorical figure resembling Uncle Sam, representing the United States, is depicted, which reinforces the theme of American support and intervention. The presence of Uncle Sam on the medal serves as a powerful patriotic symbol, illustrating the U.S.’s role as a liberator in the conflict. This medal is not only a collector’s item but also a piece of historical memorabilia that reflects the political and social currents of the late 19th century.

Historical Context: The year 1898 marks the height of the Spanish-American War, a pivotal conflict that resulted in the United States asserting itself as a significant power in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Memorabilia such as this medal were often created to mark such significant events, celebrate victories, honor heroes, and propagate political messages.

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