Arman Colors New Works Fiorella Urbinati Gallery Exhibition Catalog 1990 Oct/Dec


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This catalog showcases the latest works of Arman, an American artist whose pieces are known for their unique and vibrant colors. The publication features illustrations and was published by the Fiorella Urbinati Gallery in 1990, during the October to December exhibition. The catalog is written in English and is an ideal addition to the collections of art enthusiasts or those interested in exhibitions. The catalog falls under the categories of catalogs, books, and magazines, and is an excellent opportunity to own a piece of Arman’s art history. The brand of the catalog is Arman, and its origin is the USA. Despite not knowing the model of the catalog, the publication year is 1990, and it is packed with features such as illustrations. The catalog’s topic is on art and exhibitions, making it an excellent source of information for anyone interested in the subject.

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