Causes célèbres et intéressantes avec les jugemens – 1746, 22 Tomes Fine Binding



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Causes célèbres et intéressantes avec les jugemens qui les ont decideés (Famous and interesting causes with the judgments which decided them) – A 22 Tome Set dated 1746.

“Causes célèbres et intéressantes, avec les jugements qui les ont décidées” is a multi-volume work written by the French lawyer and philosopher François Gayot de Pitaval, first published between 1734 and 1743. This work comprises a collection of important and remarkable legal cases, mostly criminal, from French history and other European countries.

Gayot de Pitaval’s work became famous for its engaging storytelling and thorough examination of the cases, including details about the crimes, the legal process, and the social context. He provided a comprehensive analysis of the issues, covering the evidence, testimonies, and final judgments. This book set gained considerable popularity in the 18th century and is considered an essential work in the history of true crime literature.

The “Causes célèbres et intéressantes” also significantly influenced the development of criminology and the study of criminal law in France and across Europe. It inspired other writers to delve into the field of true crime, as well as to explore legal and social issues related to crime and justice.

One of the fine editions of the XVIIIth century, which seldom appears on the market.

22 volumes in full red levant with gilt decorations. Gilt top. Size 4″ x 6 1/2″.

Tome XVIII has a detached front board. There is wear to the spines and some minor damage to some books. They have held up very well for 276 years.

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