Exclusive Muhammad Ali Autographed Photo – Historic 1993 Beijing School Visit


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Own a piece of sporting history with this exclusive autographed photograph of Muhammad Ali, captured during his momentous visit to Beijing No. 1 Experimental Primary School on February 25, 1993. This rare 16″ x 20″ photo features the world-renowned boxer surrounded by hundreds of cheering children, marking a pivotal moment in sports diplomacy. Ali was in Beijing to herald the revival of professional boxing in China, a monumental event as it was the first such promotion since 1949.

Signed by Ali in a vivid blue sharpie on March 10, 1994, while promoting the unique Aquinas Mission high school boxing bouts in Rochester, NY, this autograph adds a personal touch from one of the most celebrated athletes globally. The photo is meticulously framed approximately measuring 27.5″ x 21″, using all acid-free materials and protected under conservation plexiglass to ensure its preservation and mint condition.

This autographed photo is not only a collector’s dream but also a snapshot of cultural history, representing a time when sports transcended boundaries to unite diverse worlds. With only a few of these framed pieces in existence, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a significant artifact from Muhammad Ali’s illustrious career and philanthropic endeavors.

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