Historical 1914 Order Confirmation Postcard to Barnum & Bailey Circus


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Historical 1914 Augusta Lumber Company Order Confirmation Postcard to Barnum & Bailey Circus


Offered for sale is a remarkable piece of ephemera dating back to 1914-an order confirmation postcard sent from Augusta Lumber Company, located in Augusta, Maine, to the iconic Barnum & Bailey Circus in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This postcard not only serves as a unique artifact from the early 20th century but also encapsulates a fascinating intersection of commerce and entertainment history.


Origin: Augusta Lumber Company, Augusta, ME
Destination: Barnum & Bailey Circus, Bridgeport, CT
Date: 1914

Historical Context:

This postcard is a testament to the bustling industrial activity of the era and the extensive network maintained by Barnum & Bailey Circus, one of the largest traveling circuses at the time.
Collectibility: A must-have for collectors of circus memorabilia, early 20th-century American business documents, or those interested in the lumber industry’s history.
Display Potential: Ideal for framing and display in an office, library, or personal collection, adding a touch of historical intrigue and conversation value.

This postcard is not merely a piece of paper but a snapshot of a dynamic period in American history, representing the robust trade activities and the glamorous circus life of the early 1900s. Perfect for collectors, historians, or anyone with a keen interest in the confluence of American industry and entertainment.

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