Korea’s Syngman Rhee: (Richard C. Allen – 1960) library of Eleanor Roosevelt



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Korea’s Syngman Rhee: An Unauthorized (Richard C. Allen – 1960)

Syngman Rhee and Eleanor Roosevelt had a complex relationship. Rhee was a Korean independence activist and the first President of South Korea, while Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States during the presidency of her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt. During World War II, Eleanor Roosevelt supported Korean independence and advocated for Korean self-determination. After the war, she worked to promote democracy and human rights in Korea, and supported Syngman Rhee’s efforts to establish the Republic of Korea. However, she also criticized Rhee for his authoritarian tendencies and lack of commitment to civil liberties, and expressed concern about the potential for conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Despite their differences, Rhee and Roosevelt maintained a respectful relationship, and Rhee credited Roosevelt with helping to promote Korean independence.

Them book is from the library of Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s includes the original invoice related to the book. There’s also the nameplate from Eleanor Roosevelt’s library.

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