P.S. By Pete Fisher 1983 *One Of A Kind manuscript* Novel Sequel To Dreamlovers



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P.S. By Pete Fisher 1983 *One Of A Kind manuscript* this Novel is Sequel To Dreamlovers. Condition is “Like New”. It will be shipped via FedEx. The following novel, a sequel to Dreamlovers, half fantasy half fact, is copyrighted by Pete Fisher, February 8,1983. Photograph, letter signed by Pete Fisher (see photos for all). Since this is a one of a kind item- no returns will be accepted.

Peter Fisher (May 19, 1944 – July 10, 2012) was an American author and gay rights activist. An alumnus of Amherst College and Columbia University, he served in the US Air Force prior to becoming an early member of the Gay Activists Alliance, a protest group that split off from the Gay Liberation Front after the Stonewall riots with the goal of “writing the revolution into law.” “Fisher led a number of the “zaps”, or protests targeted at public figures, organized by the GAA, as well as serving as an unofficial historian for the group.


Books: “The Gay Mystique: The Myth and reality of Male Homosexuality” ©1972, Stein and Day, New York, NY. In 1972 he received the Stonewall Book Award for “The Gay Mystique”.

“Dreamlovers” ©Pete Fisher 1980, The Sea Horse Press, New York, NY (edited by Felice Picano)

“Special Teachers/Special Boys” ©1979 by Pete Fisher and Marc Rubin, St. Martin’s Press Inc. New York, NY

“Black Star” Shoestring Press © 1983 by Inrepressed Press for Pete Fisher, 177 pages (story about Kirk, star trek) [Box 4].

Manuscripts that do not seem to be published (further descriptions are with the manuscripts):

“The Story of the Gay Civil Rights Bill”

“Buddy” (1981)



“DGTM” (Duke goes to Mars, Duke and Peterbilt truck)

“Duke Goes to Mars”


“The Story of the Gay Rights Bill”

“To Mars” (2004)







“The Joy of Gay Sex”


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