Vintage 1990s Signed PC Gold & Silver Tone Maltese Cross Brooch VG


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Vintage 1990s Signed PC Gold & Silver Tone Maltese Cross Brooch VG, preowned. (See all photos as they are part of the description)

Approximately 2″ x 2″

Signed PC vintage costume jewelry (1978-1993)

The history of costume jewelry marked with two interlocked capital letters PC with a copyright sign on the left lasted from 1978 to 1993. Founded over 70 years ago in Rhode Island, Providence Chain Company has gone through several re-registrations, ownership and logo changes. Incorporated in 1950, Providence Chain Company was founded by Czechoslovakians Jan M. Ouhrabka Sr and his son, who immigrated to the United States in 1946.

According to some sources, before founding his company, Jan M. Ouhrabka had worked for the renowned Coro company. After the death of Jan M. Ouhrabka in 1979, the company went through a renewal and change of ownership. The PC jewelry trademark, registered in 1979, ceased to exist in 1993.

A distinctive feature of PC jewelry is the use of two tones of polished metal, most often gold and silver. The design of bracelets, clips and brooches traditionally includes clean lines, hearts, leaves, butterflies and a Maltese crosses.

Noteworthy, some mistakenly attribute their PC-marked jewelry to Pierre Cardin, or Paula & Chlo. Indeed, the style of the PC marking is very similar to the logo of two fashion brands – the American Paula & Chlo and the Italian fashion brand Pauri & Casati. However, Paula & Chlo (founded in 2012) and Pauri & Casati (2017) were not engaged in the production of costume jewelry.

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